How to build a sustainable beauty brand

From supply chain, to packaging, to pricing... everything you need to know to create an eco-conscious brand.
It's so amazing how Georgina shares her experience with the background of her corporate work. Rules and regulations can be a jungle, Georgina was leading the way through this! 
Your course sounds perfect for where I am at. It’s hard finding time to research a subject well etc so that what you are doing + offering aligns with your heart (and nature) when you struggle with time because you are doing everything in your business. Thank you for putting this course together. It is exactly what aligns with me .
You gave me so much information and wisdom. It really gave me the confidence to believe in me and my business idea.

Why should I take this course?

Because it will help you build a business that will be kind to this planet and the future generations that inherit it 
I built my own award-winning business Archeus from making natural skincare for friends and family, to a business that has customers all over the world. I know what it’s like to be a solo operator, I know how hard it is and how rewarding it can be too. 


This course is aimed at people creating natural skincare products, soaps and related products because I’m going to share a whole range of business tools and tips specific to this area of business, with you to help you on your journey. But I’m also drawing on all my experience with the United Nations Environment Programme. You’re going to learn about ecosystems – and why they matter and how everything is connected. You’ll figure out how your brand impacts on nature and the climate, and by seeing this you can figure out how to do things better. 

Georgina x

What's included?

  • 12 Modules
  • PDFs
  • Videos
  • Private FB Group

Working with Nature

Learn how to create a business that is good for the person AND the planet


Practical advice on the mechanics of building a sustainable business

Week 1

Digging deep into your idea and who your customers are

Week 2

Learn about supply chains and sourcing sustainable ingredients

Week 3

Sustainable packaging for a start up business

Week 4

How to assess your business's impact on the environment

Week 5

Understanding the therapeutic claims you can, and can't make

Week 6

GMP to cleaning schedules, getting the paperwork right

Week 7

What goes on the label of your product

Week 8

Getting your head around the tech ecosystem

Week 9

Making videos, artwork and getting the buzz happening

Week 10

How to work out how to price your products for market

Week 11

Amazon and other online markets

Week 12

Ways your business can give back to Nature

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Get building your sustainable business!

Meet the instructor

Georgina Langdale

I've worked for major environmental organisations including the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, United Nations Environment Programme and the University of St Andrews International Environmental Prize. Then in 2013 I launched my own natural skincare business, Archeus.

Now I'm sharing my knowledge and professional experience so that you can start ahead of the game on sustainability and how we interact and work with Nature.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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