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Journey into Nature - plant adventures for kids


We'll find awesome plants and discover their superpowers!


For kids aged 8-11

Magic Eyes!

Learn how to look at Nature with Magic Eyes!
Want to help your child fall in love with Nature?

If the answer is yes, then this is a perfect summer holiday activity for curious kids!

Plus - you get to come too!

Seeing kids light up as they learn cool stuff about Nature is really great and lots of fun.

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Journey into Nature

This is a very special workshop created just for kids! I'm passionate about how we can work with Nature for our health and wellbeing - and the more we know about Nature the more we love it - so this is an opportunity to help your kids fall in love with Nature even more!
Numbers are limited to six children (accompanied by an adult)
We’re going to go on a magical adventure in Tainui Reserve, Havelock North. 
You’re going to meet some plants, plants that you might have seen but not really noticed before.

You’re going to learn their names and what they do and how they can help us. You’ll even learn how to think of them as if they were a person!

There are some VERY IMPORTANT RULES for this adventure:

1: You have to use your IMAGINATION!!
Yes! Let it go crazy!
2: You have to learn how to use your MAGIC EYES!
3: You have to have FUN!!!!!!
Numbers are strictly limited so that we can all have fun and learn lots of cool things.

What's included?

  • Two hour guided plant adventure in Tainui Reserve, Havelock North
  • Downloadable PDF workbook that can be used by children AND adults!
  • Maximum six children and six adults

Adults come too

Children must come with an adult (which means you get to have fun too!)

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad (let's keep our fingers crossed that doesn't happen!) the workshop will be postponed by 24 hours. If that is no good then we'll try again a week later.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Georgina Langdale

Since launching Archeus in 2013, I’ve been privileged to teach and guide many people, including kids (!!) into the wonders of connecting with the natural world for the health and wellbeing of body, spirit, soul and environment.

My goal is to reveal the timeless wisdom of healers, mystics, philosophers and alchemists and of course the wisdom of the plants themselves to show how, when we deepen our relationship with Nature, we have the power to enhance our life journey and connect to the plant allies that will support us on this path.

Teaching kids about the extraordinary powers of Nature is part of the magic I wish to weave into this world.

Georgina xx
Patrick Jones - Course author
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