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I have to tell you that my daughter and I have loved your courses. You have truly blessed our souls and made our hearts sing. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, passion and love with us all. We are very lucky to have you in our lives.
J.G, New York


Enhance Journeys

Discover pathways to living in your fullest potential.

Deepen your connection to Nature

Delve deep into ancient wisdom about plants, places and people and the connections between all.

Letting Go of Fear

Build resilience and learn ways to cope with whatever life throws at you, even when the end of life is in sight.

Make Archeus Skincare

Learn to make a wide range of Archeus natural skincare products.

Build a sustainable business

Build your entrepreneurial confidence and vision and create  a business that works with Nature, not against her.

The Healing Garden

This AMAZING six week interactive course starts 13 January!

Explore the stories, growing habits and the ways in which a selection of my favourite garden plants can support your physical, spiritual, soul and environmental wellbeing.

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Thank you for leading us into this beautiful learning/remembering.  This course is so, so powerful. 
Thank you for creating this for the world.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with us
I believe in the transformational power of nature, and in transforming our relationship with the natural world. Life, business, love, loss, earth, sky, everything is connected. And when we see that, and work with that… great healing can occur.
Georgina Langdale

Create a Sustainable Skincare Business

  • Learn about sustainable sourcing of ingredients
  • Conduct your own Ecosystems Services Review to measure your impacts on Nature
  • Discover what product claims you can (and cannot) make
  • Find out about GMP, Labelling requirements, ways to give back to Nature and much, much more.
  • Comprehensive learning materals
  • Join an online community

Make your own Natural Skincare

I'm sharing the formulas for many of the products I have developed for my natural skincare business Archeus over the years, so you can learn all about them, and how to make them!
  • Discover the reasons for developing each product
  • Learn about each botanic ingredient
  • Learn via fun videos and information packed PDFs
  • Connection with an online community
  • Learn from an award-winning formulator and herbalist!
  • Create products that are just a little bit magic!!!


Create your Book of Wishes

‘Book of Wishes’ is a mix of self-directed and one-on-one coaching and guidance to help you capture the things that really matter to you, so you can provide carers and loved ones with clarity about how you would like to be cared for at the end of life, and beyond.
  • Mix of self-directed and one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Opportunity to document your wishes for how you want to be cared for
  • Create a way of having a voice to the very end
  • Access an online community if you wish to
  • Help let go of anxiety and fear

RESET - Renaissance wisdom to help navigate the new normal

An intriguing introduction to renaissance concepts of our health and well-being seen in connection to our relationship with Nature and Cosmos. Invaluable for navigating our modern world.
Your course is perfect for where I am at. I have already completed a couple of product courses and so I am happy with preparing my formulations. It is more the business side of things that I struggle with. It’s hard finding time to research a subject well etc so that you are doing + offering what aligns with your heart (and nature) when you struggle with time because you are doing everything in your business. Thank you for putting this course together. It is exactly what aligns with me .
Lesson series

Connecting to Nature at the End of Life

Why should the end of life mean that we can’t be connected to things we have loved in life: a landscape, a favorite flower, a tree, a night sky? In this course I will show you how to bring nature into the room to create extraordinary connection and peace. I’ve used these techniques in hospices, care homes, dementia units, on a hospital ward. They are not obtrusive. They don’t contraindicate with other medications. They are infinitely tender and caring and they support not just the person dying, but everyone in the room. 
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What my clients say

So interesting!!! A wealth of information!
— Ruth
Really enjoyable. I learned heaps and am inspired to learn more! Thank you heaps!
— Lani
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